Hier als erstes die Antwort auf meine Frage ob es mal eine offizielle Conversion von Steve Jackson Games geben wird. Hätte nie gedacht das die übehaupt antworten.

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> Betreff: Re: Conversion of AD&D Dragonlance or AD&D Magic


> > Is there anything planned to print a book about a conversion of AD&D Magic or AD&D Campaigns?


> No. It is a great idea in theory, and would sell well, but the licensing

> requirements would sink us. Sorry!  


> > Or do you know any website or any programm which we can use?


> There are several fan sites out there with conversions, but I do not

> keep track of them all. My advice is that you join the main GURPS mailing list -- GURPSnet -- and ask the gamers there. To join GURPSnet, send email to

> <majordomo@lists.io.com> with the following contents (only):  


>    subscribe gurpsnet-l  

>    end 


> Good luck!  

> SP. 


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